William Green

"What profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul in the process”


There was a time in my life that God did what I though was impossible. I though I could never make it out of my prison of pain and false identity. In spite of being a NFL first round draft pick. In spite of all the money and fam. In spite all this world could offer I still felt more depressed, empty, and alone than ever before. As a child I grew up in poverty having lost both of my parents by age 12. Although I was left to survive on my own in harsh situations I still had hope. “One day I’ll make it to the NFL surly will take the pain away”. During my second year In the NFL I heard and finally understood the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the first time in my life I truly repented and believed upon Christ. In doing so God did for me what money and fam couldn’t do. He did what I ounce though was impossible. He freed me from my pain, made me whole, and place one request upon my heart. “William go tell people what I’ve done, let them know that freedom is in me alone."




Our heartbeat of evangelism:


“It’s so hard for people to get saved that don’t know there lost” 

Our passion is to CLEARLY present the gospel of Jesus Christ. To let all know that receiving it for ones self is a life or death necessity no matter how good of person they thank they are. 


In William’s case he always felt because of all the unfair pain in his life there was certainly a place in heaven for him. As William would say “If I would have left this earth without truly receiving Christ, in spite of all my hardships God would have said to me depart from me I never knew you”


Christian Event types: 


youth rallies, revivals, sunday morning service, Men’s outreach, Christian fatherhood, evangelistic outreach, school assemblies, equip and ignite evangelism


William is a very dynamic and engaging speaker.  From his heart pounding stories of the NFL. To telling about his hilarious lessons Learned from his wife (high school sweetheart) and 8 children. William has a profound way of clearing sharing the gospel. 

William on true happiness in life

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