Ben Ehrman

Since he was a teenager, Ben knew God called him into ministry. He started off managing the sound system for his youth group and then graduated to the main sanctuary at his church. After starting college, God started aligning the plans for his future. The first sign happened during a worship night hosted by a Christian group on campus where Ben first felt led to start a concert ministry. Never being much of a concert attendee in the past, he wasn't sure what to think about committing to going let alone hosting one. Even though there wasn’t a clear direction on how to begin this journey, he started doing research on concerts and how to book artists. His first concert was small but extremely effective and he saw what God was starting through his faithfulness. By his second concert God again began to put the second purpose on his heart for his ministry and this time he felt he was being called to be a speaker. Ben was terrified to speak in front of anyone let alone potentially hundreds of people and his speaking experience up to that point was made up of forced presentations in high school and college. Even though he was very reluctant to start this part of his ministry, he decided to just go for it. He began by speaking at youth groups and young adult groups and then started speaking at his concert events that he also planned. This path eventually led to speaking at churches and other planner’s concert events with many opportunities throughout the years that could have only come from God’s favor. To date, Ben has had the chance to share stages with artists like Colton Dixon, Fireflight, Flame, V.Rose, and many more well-known names. 


Ben's focus when speaking to a group is to lead those individuals into a deeper and more personal relationship with Christ. Today, many believers walk with God is defined mainly by showing up on Sunday's at church and maybe attend another Christian event during the week. His passion is to show the world with biblical proof that God has so much more for us and this can only be found by spending daily time with Him. God wants to have a deep personal relationship with us and once we tap into that daily, it changes everything. It changes the way we think, the way we speak, how we act, and it changes our whole outlook on life. We can take our struggles and bring glory to God, just how Ben faced and was brought through a difficult depression. There are millions of people dealing with mental health issues all over the world and every time he shares his story he hears many different stories of similar struggles from audience members. There is something special about a connection that we can all make with someone by simply being real and sharing our hearts with them. It shows people that they aren't alone which can help a number of people who turn their back on God because of their life circumstances.  Ben brings a biblical message of hope and redemption and he wants to show that God is there even in our deepest and darkest times in life. No matter what you've done you are never too far gone. Ben is looking forward to seeing where God takes him next. 

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